IT Contract Staffing

ClarusTec offers a unique IT Staffing Services program to meet the staff augmentation requirements of Government Agencies and Public Sector institutions. We provide significant value to our clients by filling their diverse and complex IT staffing requirements and delivering specialized talent for their mission-critical technology programs.

We leverage our in-house talent pool and external sources to place qualified, experienced, and creative IT professionals based on our client's operational, budgetary, and deadline objectives. Employees are our assets, and we enhance their skills regularly to match the industry standards.

Staff Augmentation

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Full-Time Hiring

ClarusTec Hiring Search helps clients build an efficient technical team comprising techno-commercial subject matter experts. We expedite the hiring process, enabling you to find the best available resources to match your company's technology and business needs. Our goal is to complete your talent search within 15 days or less.

ClarusTec assists clients in identifying, recruiting, and hiring exceptional talent for permanent positions. Our recruitment experts understand your hiring goals and create a resource pool with relevant hard and soft skills vital to your requirement and organization. We collaborate with you throughout the hiring process, including conducting detailed reference and background checks before onboarding.

Customized Search Process

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We also provide efficient resourcing models for IT Projects through our FTE services. By breaking down our client's (or their client's) projects into tasks and identifying skill requirements per task, we help find resources per identified skills for our clients to engage as if their own. With a vast resource pool, we are capable of attending to your evolving needs round the clock. We assist you in computing the full project time in terms of full-time effort instead of per-member effort. As we manage FTE resources, it helps you minimize risks in personnel management.


Our contract-to-hire service provides the option of hiring the candidate after an initial 3-6 months on contract.

With contract-to-hire, our clients have the opportunity to review the candidate's core skill level as well as 'on-the-job' interpersonal and presentation skills.

Why Partner with ClarusTec?

  • Flexible onsite and offsite recruitment partner
  • Strategic solutions catering to all spheres of IT
  • Increased cost-saving and efficiency
  • Expertise in navigating short-term and long-term needs
  • Specialized in full-time, temporary, and contract-to-hire staffing
  • End-to-end management of the entire recruitment process
Why Partner with ClarusTec

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